Olga Malea was born in Athens, Greece, in 1960. After a Ph.D. in Psychology at Yale she went back Greece and became a film director. From 1997 till 2007, she wrote and directed six feature films. The first five were  all comedies and big box office hits in Greece: The Cow’s Orgasm (1997), The Mating Game (1999), Risotto (2000), Honey & the Pig (2005), Little Greek Godfather (2007).   Marjoram (2013) is her first foray into drama, to be released in April 2013. VARIETY regularly included her in its shortlists about European cinema, as in Ten European Directors to Watch (2000), Europe Now: The Critics’ Choice (2001), Ten European Mavericks (2003), and several others.

From 2008 till 2011, Malea worked in television directing two TV series (35 episodes), both hitting above 20% of the audience share. She is now in pre-production of Chess Games, planned to be shot in June 2012.

She is fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Greek.

At her site there are trailers of her work.

FEATURE FILMS (as writer/director)

THE COW’S ORGASM (1997, comedy, Greek, 35mm, 90min)
An instant box office hit in Greece. “A cheeky tale of a couple of country girls trying to lose their virginity. First-time feature director Olga Malea includes some racy sex, as well as a scene involving the insertion of tampons, all of it handled relatively discreetly; she also provides a liberating, upbeat ending,” David Stratton, VARIETY.

THE MATING GAME (1999, comedy, Greek, 35mm, 92min)
An even bigger box office hit. “Three sisters go man-hunting. A slickly packaged, peppy comedy that doesn’t outstay its welcome and is lot of fun to boot,” Derek Elley, VARIETY. With this film, Malea was included  in VARIETY’s 2000 shortlist Ten European Directors to Watch.

RISOTTO (2000, comedy, Greek, 35mm, 95min)
Equally popular with Greek audiences. “Centered on the career and child-minding conflicts of two working couples, [Risotto] is slightly grittier but equally good-natured, with fine perfs from the whole cast and a breezy tempo,” Derek Elley, VARIETY.  Selected for VARIETY’s 2001 shortlist  Critics’ Choice: Europe Now.

HONEY & THE PIG (2005, comedy, Greek, 35mm, 90min)
Greek release caused uproar and lots of admissions. “Mainstream maverick Olga Malea pushes the envelope way past even her usual non-PC boundaries in “Honey & the Pig,” a lively rural comedy revolving round a funeral parlor, a sexy gravedigger, a child molester and a pet piglet,” Derek Elley, VARIETY. With this film, Malea was included in VARIETY’s shortlists Ten European Mavericks (2003) and Waiting in the wings: hot picks on the deck for 2005.

LITTLE GREEK GODFATHER (2007, comedy, Greek-English, 35mm, 90’)
Another box office hit. In summer 1963, Alex (11) is sent to Crete to stand for his father (a famous politician) at a baptism. However, Alex discovers that there are other paths in life than the one everyone expects him to follow.  The film is based on an autobiographical short story by Nicholas Papandreou, established writer and son of former Prime Minister Andrea Papandreou.

MARJORAM (to be released in April 2013, drama, Greek, DCP, 102′)
MARJORAM is a psychological suspense drama about a mother-daughter relationship. Anna (11) strives to be the perfect daughter to please her mother, Mary. However, Anna suddenly starts behaving in strange ways, putting herself in danger and driving Mary to her limits. Why is a child who seems happy on the surface, acting so unpredictably?

TV SERIES (as director)

LITSA.COM (October 2008 – June 2009)
Director of 12 episodes of LITSA.COM, a TV series for ANTENNA, one of the major Greek TV channels. LITSA.COM  started airing in October 2008 and was so successful that it run for a second season.

DREAMCATCHER Season 1 & 2 (January 2010 – March 2011)
Director of 35 episodes of DREAMCATHER, a TV series for ANTENNA, one of the manor Greek TV channels. DREAMCATCHER aired from January 2010 till March 2011 and got  21 – 25% of the audience share.


MELINA darling (in development, English)
A bio picture of Melina Merkouri, a famous Greek actress –Oscar winner in 1965–  and later on an equally famous politician, who was far ahead of her era as a character and as a woman. Awfully strong, beautiful and eccentric but equally weak, hysterical and spoiled, Melina makes a fascinating character to follow and see how not to let the dark side of one’ s self take over.